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General Information (Music)   

IPVAEB is a respected performing and visual arts assessment institution in Asia, providing the well-balanced in curriculum design, assessment, performance training and teacher certification.   Our Assessment provides a recognized standard of musical achievement through an effective and progressive system of music study from preliminary to advanced artistic performance diploma levels.


IPVAEB’s Examiners are highly trained professional musicians and pedagogues from across the region. Professional development and performance evaluation continue throughout each examiner’s career to ensure consistent examination standards.

Why Choose IPVAEB Assessment?

The IPVAEB Assessment System provides a comprehensive path for musical development, with progressively sequenced requirements in the following main areas:


• Each level includes a broad selection of pieces representing a variety of musical styles and historical periods.

• Repertoires are regularly reviewed by our Examiners Council to ensure selections  are fresh and up-to-date.

• Teachers and students can add own favorite pieces through the Own selections.

Technical Requirements

• Technical requirements are designed to support the demands of the repertoire for each level.

• Technical tests include scales, chords, and arpeggios.

• Etudes develop technical skills within a musical context.


• A thoughtful and consistent approach to the development of ear training and sight reading provides students with a solid
 foundation for independent musical explorations.

• Musicianship skills are developed to support the goals and requirements of both theoretical understanding and musical


Examinations Offered in Music

  • Kinder Foundation Assessment (Keyboard & Strings)

  • Piano Performance

  • Violin Performance

  • Music Theory

  • Artistic Diploma

  • Advanced Artistic Diploma

  • Certificate in Piano Pedagogy

  • Diploma in Piano Pedagogy




Register for an Examination

All examination registrations can be submitted manually by downloading the registration or using the online registration system at


Examination Sessions and Registration Deadlines

IPVAEB Practical examination for Foundation Assessment to Level 8 may be taken four times a year depending on the region where the examination is conducted.

For Artistic Performance Diploma, Advanced Artistic Performance Diploma and Music Theory examinations, they will be conducted twice yearly (check with your respective local IPVAEB representative office).

Exact dates and deadlines can be found online. We advise candidate to register early to avoid disappointment. Late registrations are subject to an additional fee (late fee S$25) and may not always be accommodated.


Mode of Examination

There are two modes for practical examination:

1) With the presence Examiner/Adjudicator.  This mode of examination will be conducted twice a year, generally in June/July and November/December examination periods;

2) High Quality Audio/Video recording examination without Examiner/Adjudicator.  This mode of examination will be conducted in March and August(please contact your local examination representative office for more information).


Examination Fees

Examination fees must be paid at registration using various acceptable local/international payment gateways. Check with your local IPVAEB representative on local examination fees.


Refund Policy

The registration, examination preparation and scheduling processes incur significant costs for IPVAEB, irrespective of whether candidates actually present on the day of their examinations. However, if a candidate wishes to withdraw from their examination, the withdrawal must be submitted in writing and will be considered under the following conditions:


  • Candidates who are unable to attend the examination for medical reasons (with medical proof);

  • compassionate or other emergency reasons;

  • direct conflict with school examination/overseas trip.


will be eligible to request either an examination credit for full amount toward the next registration (valid for one year) or a 70 percent refund of the examination fee.

Request for credits or refunds must be made in writing to IPVAEB and accompanied with official proof within 14 days from the date of scheduled examination.

Examination Schedule

All Practical and Music Theory examination schedules will be made available one month prior to the beginning of the examination session.  Examination schedules will be sent via email to the registered candidate or teacher.

Candidate is advised to print a copy of the examination schedule and bring along to the examination center on the examination day.


Special Needs/Black Out Date

Candidates with special needs or require to black-out certain date/dates, should indicate in their online/offline registration form at the time of registration. 

Dress Code

IPVAEB examinations follow a formal and structured process. Candidates are advised to consider the occasion as they would any performance opportunity and dress appropriately in a ‘smart casual’ style or school uniform are recommended.  Collarless Tee Shirt, Shorts/Bermuda and Slippers are not permitted to enter the examination studio. 


  • Candidates must report to the examination center at least fifteen (15) minutes before their scheduled time.

  • Warm-up rooms are not provided for candidates in the public examination venue.

  • Photo ID may be requested for verification before being allowed to enter the examination room.

  • Candidates should list all repertoire and studies/études to be performed on the examination program form.

  • Candidates should bring all music to be performed to the examination center, whether or not selections are memorized.  Photocopied music is not permitted in the examination room.

  • Mobile phone and/or any audio/video recording devices are not permitted in the examination room.



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