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Kinder Foundation Assessment FAQ

*Kinder Foundation Assessment is abbreviated as "KFMA" *

1. Who can apply KFMA? 
• Anyone who is ready for the assessment. 
• No age limit. 

2. How can I apply KFMA?
• Through online system in IPVAEB website. 

• KFMA online registration system

3. When can I apply KFMA?
• The registration will be opened up on every month’s 1st to 15th
• For exact dates, please visit: Specific date link

4. What documents do I need to prepare for applying KFMA?
• The HKID card or any legal identity documents written with HKID number, name, age, date of birth of the candidate. 
• Teacher’s/ Parent’s/ Legal guardian’s name, contact number, email address & mailing address
• Certified Teacher Number (if applicable, to apply for marks exemption). 

5. How many times can I do the recording?
• Unlimited. 
• Candidates can always apply for the assessment again if they are not happy with the result. 

6. Can I stop recording during the assessment and resume again?
• The submitted video should be in one continuous take. 

7. Can I do post-production on the video?
• No any post-production on the video is allowed. 

8. What is the requirement of the video?
• Recorded in a stable position. 
• 480p - 1080p quality. 
• With clear image of the teacher and the candidate (including his/her face and hands while performing on keyboard). 
• With synchronised sound and image. 
• For more details, please read the assessment guidelines carefully. 

9. Who can show up in the video?
• Candidate. 
• Teacher/ Parent/ Legal Guardian. 
• ONLY 1 third party to help to assist with starting timer if necessary. 
• If candidates apply for exemption marks by using Certified Teacher Number, the certified teacher must shows up in the video. 


10. Where should I do the recording?
• In any quiet and suitable place.  

11. What should I wear during the recording?
• Both candidates or teachers/ parents/ legal guardians should dressed up neatly and tidily. 

12. Where can I get the syllabus of the assessment?
• On the IPVAEB website. 
Website Link

13. What should I apply after KFMA?
• Preliminary level in IPVAEB

• Apply for the preliminary examination of IPVAEB

14. How can I apply for exemption marks of KFMA?
• ONLY candidates selected “apply for exemption marks” and filed “Certified Teacher Number” during the online application can get exemption marks after IPVAEB verified the identity of the Certified Teacher. 
• ONLY Certified Teachers recognised by “Harmony World Music Centre” will be given with “Certified Teacher Number”

15. When can I get the result and certificate of KFMA?· Results will be announced within seven days after submitting the video.
· The certificate will be issued within 30 days after the video is submitted.

16. What is the marking scheme of KFMA?

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