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Music & Visual Arts exams with a difference...

A World-Class, Holistic Approach to Performing & Visual Arts Assessment


A World-Class, Holistic Approach to Performing & Visual Arts Assessment. 

International Performing and Visual Arts Examination Board (IPVAEB) was founded in 2017 by music educators and performers, to provide the performing and visual arts community a quality alternative to assess the progress of their learning journey using a holistic approach. 

As performing and visual arts can be one of the means of developing essential study skills, concentration and self-discipline, IPVAEB has developed a series of evaluation syllabi to provide stimulating, comprehensive goals for students in their music, dance and visual arts learning journey. Our curriculum has been carefully designed and developed by well-respected, knowledgeable professionals in the field of music, dance,  and visual arts to provide developing musicians, dancers and potential artists of all ages and stages with an assessment which evaluates performance and technical skills whilst ensuring an enjoyable and valuable learning experience. 

IPVAEB's online exams have been accredited and registered on the RQF and EQF, which is regulated by the UK's qualifications and examinations regulatory body, Ofqual. IPVAEB is one of the only international music examination boards that is fully regulated, recognised, and accredited in the UK and EU.


IPVAEB is in partnership with AGME(Australian Guild of Music Education) to offer the world’s first “Duo-Certificate” examinations in Music and Speech & Drama.  One Examination, two certificates (one from AGME and the other from IPVAEB).  Subjects include: Classical Piano. Light Classical Piano, Contemporary Piano, Classical Guitar, Pop Guitar, Electric Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Music Theory, Classical Voice, and Speech & Drama.


Our dance examinations include Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap and Theatre. And finally Fine Arts include: Integrated Drawing, Sketching, Comic Strip, Acrylic Drawing, Water Colour Painting, and Oil Painting.


B. Allen

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Benjamin Loh

Benjamin Loh

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