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COVID-19 update

In light of COVID-19 outbreak, IPVAEB is offering home based Video Recording Examination called Online Performance Assessment(OPA) from now to December 2021.

The OPA will have a slighly modified examination syllabus as follow:

Modified VRE Syllabus

  • Examination repertoires: 3 pieces to be selected from the approved list of repertoires from the IPVAEB syllabus.  For repertoires not listed in IPVAEB syllabus, kindly email to to seek approval prior to registration.  For IPVAEB  graded exam syllabus,

  • One Étude to be selected from the approved Étude list in the IPVAEB Syllabus; 

  • There is no Scales,  Sight-Reading and Aural test components. 


Video Recording and Video File Upload

  • The video recording must cover full body of the candidate with visible full keyboard and pedals;

  • It is not mandatory to record in a professional studio, but the audio quality should be reasonable. 
    The video must be done in one session and unedited.  

  • Video recording is to be done on the date and time stipulated on the examination notification slip, and should be within the given duration of the examination;

  • All recorded video must be send either via email or other large file transfer platform like We-transfer or Dropbox;
    Or you may upload to Google Drive , One Drive or Youtube private channel. 

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