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Toddler basic assessment

Kinder Foundation Music Assessment (KFMA) is a general music assessment system, suitable for children to learn individual or group music lessons on keyboards, voices or other instruments. This assessment focuses on the musicality of:


  • Sight reading (rhythm, singing and visual play)

  • Rhythm training (look aside and look aside)

  • Singing (look aside and look aside)

  • Coordination, and basic music theory


Since this is not an inspection system, results will not be measured by a "pass" or "fail" score. It will measure the strengths and weaknesses of participating candidates by:


  • Excellence

  • Worth it

  • Good

  • Suggestions for Improvement


The evaluation syllabus was developed by well-respected and knowledgeable professionals in the field of children’s music projects, who are grateful for their help in this work.


Prior to the initial certification, music learning at the toddler level is the only assessment. There are no prerequisites for evaluation, there are no restrictions on song selection, and candidates may have their own evaluation options.


Become a part of more and more teachers and students, and participate in the IPVAEB Foundation Music Assessment, as a useful experience development based on personal development and goal setting. 

Foundation Music Assessment


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